Billet Automotive Buttons

Green Momentary Spiral Cord Button launch, trans brake, bump, nos etc

$ 89.95 AUD

Spiral Cord Momentary Button Green (Blank buttons with optional outer text etching)

Due to the small size of these buttons I can only offer custom etching for the outer bezel of these, so please tick the box to add custom text if that is what you are after.

Button design tips:

  • For outer text (Tick the box) there are many different options so i use 'UPPER CASE' letters but you can leave me a message if you want lower case, I also normally do 'bold font' on all text but sometimes standard looks better when you want large amounts of text or a more plain look is wanted, I normally choose what looks best but if you want anything specific just leave me a message in cart.

The universal remote button and spiral cords are great all-around units and are ideal for bracket racing. They are designed for use with trans-brake, launch control, and nitrous systems. The switch contains self-cleaning terminals and a 1 lb. spring for a light "snap" feel. They are rated at 12 amps.

Button case material:

  • Black finish: Nickel Plated aluminium

Button push operation:

  • Momentary: Only active when your finger is held on the button.


  • Head diameter: 22mm
  • Green push button diameter: 9mm
  • Hole size required to fit: 16mm
  • Maximium panel thickness for install: 7mm
  • Switch rating: 12Amp
  • Degree of Protection: IP65

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