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Relay / Fuse Holder Mounting Box Holds 10x Relays, Fuses & Crimp Terminals DIY Automotive Car Truck 4x4 12v

$ 139.95 AUD

12v 10-15 way relay / fuse box. Suitable for cars, trucks & motor homes.

DIY automotive fuse box including crimp terminals, relays and fuses. Perfect for your project drag, drift, truck, camper or 4x4 builds. Using only standard generic automotive relays and blade fuses which can easily be found from your local auto parts store.


  • Size: 19.5x12x4.5cm / 7.7x4.7x1.8 Inch.
  • Material: Plastic.
  • Relays included: 10x 30A / 40A standard automotive 5 pin relays (relay brands may vary).
  • Fuses included: 10x 30A, 5x 15A standard blade fuses.
  • Crimp terminals also included.

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