Green Momentary Spiral Cord Button launch, trans brake, bump, nos etc

Billet automotive buttons

how it all started

The business started up with the intention to fill the demand in the switch market by bringing affordable and easy to order custom universal switches to the aftermarket industry. I put in a lot of effort into the website and advertising in the earlier years and it has helped grow the business to what it is today.
Billet Automotive buttons is family owned and operated since 2016.


Car events

Being able to mix my hobby of cars with the business and go and enjoy cars with friends and family has been great. We regularly attend many different car events throughout the year, whether it be destroying tyres or racing I enjoy doing a bit of everything in the car.

'LOOKOUT' project build

Project cars

I enjoy building cars in my spare time and as a bonus I can bring people good content and share some of my knowledge to others on all my social media platforms. It's all about getting in there and having a go and sometimes people just need a bit of extra motivation.