NEW Backlit 19mm buttons - Comparing the 2x different 19mm buttons now available!

Comparing the 2x different 19mm buttons now available!
New 19mm backlit buttons PROS:

  • Etching is a brighter more cleaner white.
  • The etching is very tough durable and scratch resistant even though the center of the button is plastic.
  • The face is larger giving more space for etching along with being easier to push.
  • Great factory looking switch as they would be great to just be wired straight up to your dash lights and blend in well with factory switches.

19mm halo black & stainless PROS:

  • The halo led looks great and these are great to have wired so when switch is pushed the halo will light up and can be seen easily during the day.
  • The stainless buttons have that nice Billet look which can't be achieved with the backlit buttons (without looking like a tacky painted silver)

☆ My wrap up is backlit for the daily and depending on your taste the LED halo buttons for the race car 22mm buttons are also more recommend over the 19mm halo buttons due to being easier to push and having replaceable micro switches (great for the backyard Joe's that dont use relays) and is what I run in my own car.

Check them out here: 19mm Billet buttons

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