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16mm 'CUSTOM LASER ETCHING' LED Pilot / Warning Light Small Compact 12V

$ 14.95 AUD

16mm design your own laser etched pilot light

Design your very own laser etched pilot light with this listing or you can leave it blank as per photos the option is yours. 16mm 12v LED warning lights great for oil & fuel pressure lights and anything that requires a very bright light.

Warning light design tips: (TEXT ONLY)

  • For outer text, there are many different options so i use 'UPPER CASE' letters but you can leave me a message if you want lower case, I also normally do 'bold font' on all text but sometimes standard looks better when you want large amounts of text or a more plain look is wanted, I normally choose what looks best but if you want anything specific just leave me a message in cart.
  • A few examples of laser etching i have done: OIL PRESSURE, I would have oil up top and pressure down bottom and ALTERNATOR, I would have just alternator up the top so its not to overdone but the choice is yours.
  • Please note when using a LED to excite alternator you need to install a resistor in the line or another easy option is to install a light bulb parallel in the circuit (behind the dash so you do not see it).


Pilot light case material:

  • Black finish: Nickel Plated.
  • Stainless finish: Stainless Steel.


  • Depth inc contacts: 25mm
  • Head diameter: 18mm
  • Hole size required to fit: 16mm
  • Maximium panel thickness for install: 10mm
  • Degree of Protection: IP65
  • Voltage: 12v

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