Billet Automotive Buttons

16mm Pair 'LOCK & UNLOCK' Push Button Switch Dome Top Small Compact

$ 39.90 AUD

16mm laser etched billet buttons

    16mm momentary only dome top push buttons laser etched with what you like, nice and compact good for bikes, car shifters & steering wheels or even if space is limited on your dash etc.

    Button case material:

    • Black finish: Nickel Plated.
    • Stainless finish: Stainless Steel.

    Button push operation:

    • Momentary: Only active when your finger is held on the button.


    • Depth inc contacts: 20mm
    • Head diameter: 18mm
    • Actual push button diameter: 11mm
    • Hole size required to fit: 16mm
    • Maximium panel thickness for install: 7mm
    • Switch rating: 3Amp
    • Degree of Protection: IP65

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