22mm 'TRAIN HORN BUTTONS PAIR SPECIAL' Billet Push Button Switch Truck Air Horns Choo Choo

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Train Horns Pair Special 2x 22mm laser etched billet buttons as shown - latching compressor button & Momentary horn button with black anodized mounting plate. (leave a note if you want buttons to have 2x different colors)

22mm laser etched billet buttons

Made to order laser etched billet buttons are fitted with an LED that can be wired so that it is active when the button is pushed in or when the headlights or ignition are on. The 22mm billet buttons have an IP67/IP65 water and dust resistant rating and each button comes with a plug in harness for easy wiring. These are suitable for many applications such as cars, marine and motor homes etc. *I recommend running a relay with these buttons on any high draw accessories as they are rated at 5A.

Button case material:

  • Black backlit: Nickel plated shell, coated ABS plastic button. (only the etching on the center of the button is backlit)
  • Black halo finish: Nickel plated, LED halo.
  • Stainless halo finish: Stainless steel, LED halo.

Button push operation:

  • Latching: Push for on, then push again for off.
  • Momentary: Only active when your finger is held on the button.


    • Depth inc contacts: 35-42mm (55-62mm with harness plug)
    • Head diameter: 25mm
    • Actual push button diameter: 18mm inc LED
    • Hole size required to fit: 22mm
    • Maximum panel thickness for install: 10mm*
    • Switch rating: 5Amp
    • Led voltage: 12 Volt
    • Degree of Protection: IP67 for the halo buttons and IP65 for the backlit.

            Build your own custom switch panel

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