Dual Button Pistol Grip Shifter Plates suit B&M TCI style Magnum Outlaw grip shifters


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Shifter plates suit B&M TCI style Magnum grip shifters

PUSH BUTTONS SOLD SEPARATE CLICK HERE!! Please note that the shifter will require some modifying to fit the larger LED buttons as you can see in photo, the centre piece in the shifter and running extra wires through will require modifications!

The shifter plates are CNC'd from billet aluminium and hard anodized black, Included in this sale is a pair of shifter plates for b&m magnum grip and TCI outlaw style pistol grip shifters to suit either left or right hand drive. These are to suit the 16mm push buttons.

3X Imperial stainless countersunk screws are now included in sale to hold the wires in place along with extended 300mm wires on the harness plug if purchasing the 16mm 'CUSTOM LASER ETCHING' Push Button Switch Raised Top LED with the shifter plates.

Shifter plates Material:

  • Black anodized billet aluminium

Left or right hand drive for buttons:

  • LHD pair of cover plates
  • RHD pair of cover plates
  • Blank plates (no button holes)

    Billet button wiring diagrams
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