Whats up and coming in 2018 for Billet Automotive Buttons

We have had really great support from everyone since startup in 2016. As you would know we are here to bring you a product and service like no other, with a huge range of affordable custom laser etched billet buttons with a 1-2 business day turnaround for our fellow Aussie and international customers with quality being a priority. Thanks to Australia Post and DHL Express we can have them delivered right to your door.
I have been asked about aluminium panels for some time now and I am soon going to start stocking them, they are the same as the panels I currently sell but available will be in 3mm aluminium plate. The new options coming soon will be raw aluminium and black anodized and I will order in some nice stainless allen bolts as pictured below to include with the panels. They will be priced very similar to my current panels that I sell also.
We have also recently decided to remove the option for custom laser cut panels as we needed to free up some time and the back and forth messages with custom panels can easily soak up an hour or more pretty fast at times and we needed more time to improve the website to bring you guys more of what you want. If we can find a viable way to offer it as a service again we will.
Aluminium billet button switch panels laser cut

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