Billet Buttons size comparison for the 3 main buttons. 28mm 22mm 19mm

Some people are getting confused with the sizes of the buttons. I am going to fill everyone in on what is best for you, so you make the right decision when it comes time to hit the buy button.

The sizes represent the hole sizes needed to be made for the install of the buttons and you need to add around 3-4mm for the total size of the face of the button. The 19mm buttons are a small button and can be difficult to push if you are wearing gloves. If the room is available, I recommend the 22mm buttons as they are the best all round size of button for ease of push. The 28mm buttons are more for the people who like having a bigger start button to push that matches the 22mm buttons.

Just remember that all the buttons have a 5amp rating and will require a relay to run in conjunction with them for the higher draw accessories. Most cars already have relays installed for the factory switches between the higher draw accessories. For example thermo fans, fuel pump etc. I also have a 6 months warranty for the buttons but it does not cover incorrect wiring. So please, if you are unsure about anything just ask me or a friend that is good with auto electrics. I do now offer replacement micro switches for the 22mm and the 28mm billet buttons if you accidentally burn the switch out they can be found here.

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